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Hi Debora and Roger,
I did feel energy on my healing night and subsequent nights. I had a golf ball sized lump under my arm which shrank to the size of an almond and now is practically gone! I also had a bladder issue which was gone by the next morning! Thank you both very much for your healing and dedication.

Thank you very much,
Glenda Gable, Fl

FYI, you may find this very interesting and you may post this as real proof....... this past April/May I was in the hospital for 3 ½ weeks for a lot of bad stuff going on and they wanted to put a heart pace maker in me. I had a gnawing bad feeling about it. Although an easy operation for most people, it would not have been for me and possibly many complications as assessed by the anesthesiologist. As such the operation was not done and they decided to reassess me in the fall. I went back this Oct. and wore a heart holter monitor for 24 hours and the following week which was the week after your session, I had an appt. with the heart surgeon who by the way was so, so very anxious before to do the operation even at the refusal of the anesthesiologist. It was the anesthesiologist that really put the kibosh on it. Before my appt. I worked hard on being positive as the past while so much has been dumped on me, my spouse and family. Anyway the surgeon reported that my heart was doing good and had an incredible turn around and I do not need the heart pace maker (his words at this time) and he also cut down my heart meds which are very hard on the body!!! This has been the best news, the only good news I have had in the last two years! I see him again next spring, but I am working on a goal that he won’t ask me to come back for continuous assessments and to cut out all heart meds. 

May God’s Blessings Shower Upon You,
Shirley Free, Canada

"I want to express again how the transmissions are so powerful and to tell you of the miracles in my life happening right now with the power of these transmissions.

I have slept so poorly for well over the last ten years. I had panic attacks regularly emerging from my Solar Plexus, often when trying to sleep at night. So often I slept for maybe only two to four hours a night and barely could function in the day. This affected my overall health and any ambition and zest for life. Now I sleep so much better, not perfect but getting eight plus hours of sleep now; no more panic attacks and when I wake up I fall asleep readily without waiting for hours to fall back asleep. 

I also had extreme lower back pain; making it difficult to walk ten feet (walking 30 feet and I would be crying in pain) and couldn't stand for more than three minutes. I should have been in a wheel-chair but I refused and thought I can still walk and I won’t let that pain confine me to a wheelchair. However, I was confined to sitting most of the time. Although I am still confined to sitting, my lower back has improved a lot, I can stand for much longer and do not have the excruciating pain I used to have. I just know it will continue to heal and improve.

I have acute Rheumatoid Arthritis and I took very harsh drugs and a monthly injection called Simponi. I went off of some of the extreme harsh drugs because of Simponi, but after joining this group it was after a few sessions and months (I think 4 months)–my arthritis considerably improved especially when last winter/spring my arthritis was so bad I was confined to bed I was in so much pain (and for many months too). Now I take only three drugs and they are harsh but I know eventually these will be eliminated and my doctor has agreed to take me off Simponi. I went from 5 medications for R.A. down to three. I think this is amazing since I have been on these medications for 25 years!
I cannot even begin to tell you about how my feeling and mental body is changing too; but I think this testimony is enough for now.
Debora you are the best and Hugs to the Family,"

"Hi Deborah and Dear Roger…
Today’s session was exquisite and totally magikal
I was listening to the abundance download and the synchronicity and integration was totally divine..
Thank you thank you thank you BOTH .
Will place order of cd 10 pak online…
Much gratefulness and a huge bucket of abundance ( bucket size….as huge as you can imagine !!"
Sanjay in Indonesia

"The moment I met Roger I Knew I was going to experience a healing like no other. His ability to harness Gods loving energy and transmit it with such clear intent was like nothing I experienced before.  for quite some time after my first session I could still feel the energy and it seemed to grow and propel me towards not only continued physical healing but also a deeper connection to God."
Robin Rose, 
Creator of The Universal Lightworkers/Spiritual Awakening Conference

"Hi Roger,
It was such a privilege and honor to work with you while you were here in Bellingham!!! Your CD's are brilliant and continue to help me greatly.
On some level I spend a lot of time with you and find your gentleness very easy to connect with.  Thank you for your support!!
Love and Blessings,"
Bellingham, Wasington

"Dear Roger,
My healing session with you was 3 weeks ago. I was able to give you a note before you left the area, thanking you and letting you know about some of the changes that I had noticed at that time. I am enjoying the physical improvements, living with much less joint pain. And with your working on my son, Carson, as well, I am finally noticing more positive changes in him. Specifically with my son, he has always had a great difficulty "switching gears"- moving from one activity to a different one. As a toddler, this made my days with him exhausting, as he would have many tantrums and meltdowns a day. As an 8 yr. old, he would go from being upset to being enraged in a matter of seconds. And he has always fought going to sleep. 
Now, he is able to move from activity to activity (with warning about the upcoming change), with very little difficulty, and more and more with a cheerful, "Ok, mom!" He is calmer and his moods are more balanced. And I'm beginning to see him let go and let himself fall asleep at night, more easily.
Huge spiritual and emotional healing is going on. Because of that, I really feel like a different person (in a good way). Previously, I would use food to fill voids. Today, when I was thinking that I really needed something, my habit took me to something to eat. But then, a little voice in my head told me that I didn't want food, I wanted to listen to one of your meditation CD's. My body, mind, and spirit have recognized that your CD's are just what I need and want now. The scripts you have are fantastic. They are so well written. The affirmations are ringing and singing in me (awesome!).
I have known for a very long time that my being overweight and having an unhealthy relationship with food, is merely a symptom of something else. And I've used a variety of therapies (traditional and holistic) to try to deal with emotional trauma, and figure it all out. I am finally getting there. The pieces of the puzzle are fast falling into place. The new clarity and liberation I have is awesome.
So, please know that the healing you do is life changing."
Susan Snyder
Bellingham, WA

"Dear, Roger, I have been using your chakra meditations and transmissions for a couple of weeks now. To articulate my empressions is quite difficult. Let suffice to say that the sense of overall deep relaxation, ease of being, and profound alertness during and after the meditations are just tremendous. Thank you for this work you have embarked upon. It is truly a great service to human development and awakening. Blessings"
Blane Hoffman

"Dear Roger,
Thanks so very much for the CDs. They arrived last Friday, so I have listening to each one (one per night). They are lovely, powerful and are helping and clearing – big clearings!!!
In Love, Light and Gratitude,"

"Dear Deborah,
Thank you for suggesting I get these CDs, to build on the wonderful high frequencies sessions you generously shared with me.
I am so heart grateful to both of you, for all you do and all you are.
In Love, Light and Gratitude,"

"I am deeply impressed with the power of your Abundance CD and am listening to it on a regular basis."

"Dear Roger and Debora
Today was the first time, in 5 months, that I woke up glad to be alive. It must be working ;) Thank you for the Wednesday transmissions, I believe they may be changing my life.
Thank you"

"Dear Roger, 
Thanx again. A funny thing happened on the day of the transmission last week. I woke up and prepared for the transmission and ended up with a horrible screaming headache that lasted almost  all day. All I could figure is that there may have been some deep rooted stuff that was needing to be cleared that was causing some amount of resistance. Ive practiced a from of raja yoga since about 1997 called Sahaj Marg. What is unique about this particular variety of raja yoga is that energy is transmitted from the master and prefects within the organization, ( like a deeksha ) , and a number of times while receiving sittings and while having the master manifest in front of me while in deep meditation, I ended up with some severe headaches, yet when they passed, usually by the next day, I felt a marked sense of mental acuity and clarity on all levels of my being. It was also the same the other day after your transmission. So I just thought I'd let you know how I was effected and probably like any practitioner of energy modalities, feedback is always good for fine tuning and journaling purposes....Infinite Blessings..."
Blane Hoffman

"Dear Debora,
Our session on Monday night was the most transforming experience of my life. A double WOW! Although I had a general idea of what could happen, I was literally overwhelmed by what did happen.
I went to bed Monday night at 8:30 (early for me) so as to get warm and relaxed by 9:00 at which time I dozed off quickly, unusual for me. I awoke twice, but fell back to sleep easily. All told, I slept 10 hours from bedtime to AM rising, unheard of for me as I never sleep more than 7 hours and often am wakeful in the night.
The quality of sleep was phenomenal. I awoke completely rested and felt full of energy. I felt a warm, comforting flowing in both arms.
For years I have not been able to sleep on my back for a very long time, but that night I never changed my position. 
Over the past few days I have realized a noted increase in physical energy and a return of desire to become involved in outside interests. Also I've had several dreams that indicate there are past emotional issues processing and that appears to be progress.
To sum up this transformation, I feel so much younger in all aspects and carry a new lightness that I call the enthusiasm of youth. Considering that I am 89, I look upon this as a true gift from above and your dedicated love of sharing your specialized talents. My countless thanks for channeling me back into my true life cycle.
I've spent many years practicing good health habits, but felt there was some hidden obstacle holding me back. Now that has obviously changed. 
I wish you well in your continuing endeavor of helping those who need that extra boost. Your efforts are truly appreciated.
Blessings to you,

"Hi Debora
That was beautiful!
Thank you for such a loving and blissful healing - I am very grateful and very privileged to be the recipient of so much joy!
With love and blessings"

"Dear debora,
You are a powerful and kind healer. The session last night was incredible. I nodded off (as predicted) for a good share of it, but when I "came to" I felt like an absolute new woman. Much lighter and pain-free in my back and my breathing is much freer now. Before I had trouble with it catching in my throat - now it flows in and out like it should. Thank you seems small - I hope you know how much  I appreciate what you accomplished. I am still walking around in amazement. I'm drinking lots of water and plan on pretty much cruising through the next few days.
Many blessings to you,"

"OMG!!!!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the set of 10 chakra CDs  I ordered from you!!! They are awesome! I sleep better. I feel better and when I wake up in the morning I have more energy. My husband is starting on them tonight and I am so excited about that. I just know he will love them too!
I can't thank you enough."
Jo Rountree in Texas

"I love your Cd's amazing product! I feel your energy working through me. WOW!!! You did it!!! Congratulation for your exellent job. Happy New Year!"
Gerard in New York

"On behalf of Light InSight, I want to personally invite your friends  to benefit from the energy of Master Healers Roger DeYcaza and Debora Johnson, who are offering Remote High Frequency Distance Healing Sessions on Wednesdays night at 9 PM Central time.  This joint sessions with Roger and Debora are a one of a kind distance healing that is safe, effective, and powerful due to their amazing combined high energetic frequency which can affect thousands of people at once. Many who have already experienced this amazing new healing modality are energy and light workers themselves, and they are raving about how wonderful this new modality has been for them."
Scott Androff in MN

"A big thanks to Debora for the amazing work she does. After my session with Debora, my back and my shoulders felt much lighter; pain free. All my past worries and responsibilities were dissolved. I feel renewed and open to receive. I now feel I am connecting more and more. Thank you Debora, from the bottom of my heart!"
Annie M.

"The energy transmission you sent I felt so subtly, it was when my partner with his mobile took a photo of me that there was this amazing light to the side of me,so he tried another angle same thing then he did closer to my face and again this amazing light like the sun-cool.Thanks, I was radiating."
Daniela in Australia

"Hope this e-mail finds you in good health and happiness.
Thank you very much for the energy transmission.
Let me tell you about the progress of Eko.
He has significant progress since the last few months.
Now he can get up and sit by himself easily.
Since two days ago he starts walking on his own.
Suddenly he stood up from bed and wanted to walk.
At first, I did not allow him. But, he pushed me. Then, I held him so that he would not fall. He walk a little limp.
Well, that's a good progress. I am very happy. Eko is also happy that finally he can walk again after a year. 
Roger, I really don't know how to thank you. May God bless you more and more.
I will keep you informed about his progress.
Much love and light,"
Kris in Indonesia

"My Dear Precious Brother,
Are you aware that your CD Sessions keep working deep within the heart even after the session is over...like a drop of oil placed upon a piece of hard leather that gently works its way in and soften the hard places.
I cried and cried so deep...what a beautiful gift you have. I am now going to encourage my friends to benefit from your gifts of Love and Light.

"I have been a student of yoga for six years.  Thirty years of running ten plus miles a week without executing a disciplined stretching program had taken a toll on my body.  I started doing yoga to regain the flexibility I had lost but became a devoted student of yoga because it eliminated my chronic lower back pain.  I started with heated yoga because the heat seemed to aid in releasing my inflexible muscle.  I eventually moved to a more rigorous 5 day a week kundalini practice.  While I went to yoga to release my tight muscles and relieve my chronic lower back pain, I soon learned that yoga is a practice of working the body from the inside out.  The more I practiced the more I became very acquainted with the restrictions in my muscle that ultimately translated into organ blockages that impacted my system’s natural flow.  I was becoming a master at reading the rhythms of my body and could sense when things were not flowing properly; which made me even more dedicated to my practice.  I could feel gradual changes and shifts in my body composition and my energy flow but they were gradual.  Some times it would seem that one area would release only to block an area that I had released previously.  While sometimes discouraged, I would remember where I came from and continued on.  I had been relieved of all chronic muscle aches about a year into my practice, but six years later I could still feel restrictions in the energy as it flowed through my body (what some call Chakra balancing).

Then I heard about Roger and the work he does (energetically) to remove these blockages. After just a few sessions, I immediately felt the effects.  Today, when my Yoga instructor states “feel the experience of the energy flow as it rises through the body” I am having a totally different experience.  I can feel the energy as it surges from the base of my spine up my back, through my heart and throat and out the top of my head; one continuous, free flowing channel of energy with no restrictions. While my yoga instructors are the best, Roger’s work allowed me to have the experience that my yoga instructors promised would one day come.  I had gained as much benefit (if not more) from a few sessions with Roger as I had gained from six years of dedicated yoga practice.  It is not a requirement to be yoga student to feel the effects of Roger’s work; one session with him will prove that.  Roger’s work has changed my yoga experience; it has changed how I experience life."    
With Gratitude, Lori in Florida
"Debora, thank you for this amazing report and all the lovely higher frequencies, that have made such a change in my life in such a short time, and a much needed one. On Friday, before I completed my energy exchange for you to do this wonderful service for me, I was in such pain and completely exhausted. Now it's 2 am here, I've just come home after a lovely evening out with friends. I'm virtually pain-free, and more energized. Thank you from so deep within my heart.
With much Love,"

"Roger, I just ordered the 10 cd pack!
Ok let me tell you what happened!!!     I am so excited!!!
Yesterday morning I listened to the Chakra #4 Heart as you suggested...I was overcome with emotion and crying...
But when I got up after it was over I was refreshed and felt renewed! My sciatica pain was gone!
Done it again last night and feel asleep... again this morning and feel ASLEEP...
no SCIATICA PAIN .. this is day 2... usually I use my back pain machine twice daily to help alleviate the pain....I have HAD constantly for years...
WOW this is SOOO amazing.... I am VERY impressed indeed!!!
I have to tell you Roger your voice is calming and very soothing....
THANK YOU so much for putting these cds together! YOU my dear have an amazing and wonderful gift from GOD!!!
Keep doing what you do! I am forever greatful!
I am definitely going to start using them with my massage clients!
BE blessed my friend indeed!"
Melissa P. in TN

"I am amazed at the power of Roger and Debora's transmissions.  The energy sent is very strong.  My chakras open fully and it supports many aspects of my practice. It is great to have the support of this energy!
I have noticed many gifts from the transmissions.  My creativity soars when I remain active with the transmissions, and I have noticed a higher, more refined connection to "helpful people."  The greatest gift is resonance.  My energy is more clear and I am drawn to my purpose - and find mysef more and more in the "right place at the right time with the right people."  And one final observation.  The energy has supported me in doing more and getting my work done!  I am able to get the little things done in a quick, efficient way - leaving me more space for creativity and fun!"
"Taoist Energy Healer"
Bryan Bertsch 
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