We all have heard about - or even experienced - the process of sending or receiving thoughts from
one person to another. In the past, and even in today's science fiction, a "telepathy" is seen as a
rare breed of their species, called upon for special tasks which require their ability to constantly
"pick up" the thoughts of other individuals or forces. However, ALL human beings actually have the
ability to communicate by the process which has come to be known as mental telepathy.

As with any other ability - such as swimming, playing tennis, memory, and so on - some individuals are born with more natural talent than others. Yet even those born today with a high degree of natural telepathic ability will rarely show any consistent ability. The reason for this is due to the fact that most cultures do not accept telepathy as a common ability - so rather than creating programs to develop telepathic ability - society still debates amongst itself whether this talent exists or not.


Latent Telepathy
Formerly known as "deferred telepathy", is described as being the transfer of information, through Psi, with an observable time-lag between transmission and receipt.

Retrocognitive, Precognitive, and Intuitive Telepathy
Described as being the transfer of information, through Psi, about the past, future or present state of an individual's mind to another individual.

Emotive Telepathy
Also known as remote influence or emotional transfer, is the process of transferring kinesthetic sensations through altered states.

Superconscious Telepathy
Involves tapping into the superconscious to access the collective wisdom of the human species for knowledge.
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