This ability covers a number of things such as the ability to read people and their physical state.

What is clairsentience?
It is a form of telling the physical makeup, health condition, personality
and the character traits of a spirit entity while it was on the earth. Some consider it to be a
feeling or sense that the medium experiences. Having a tingling sensation on the skin, face,
or hands, or having the hair on the back of your neck stand up is one type of clairsentience.
These all relate to ghosts or spirits of the dead.

Furthermore, some people believe clairsentience is just a general ability to sense spirits or auras belonging to any person alive or dead. Spirits can be light or heavy, gentle or angry, good or bad. Information about spirits can be uncovered through colors, lightness and darkness, or emotions such as joy or sadness. This ability is essential for healers and counselors, therapists, and anyone who works with people, especially the psychics and spiritual advisor.

We are all born with a psychic ability. Through our experiences we build up walls against the world and lose our ability to use our special sense of other's spirits and get out of touch with our own. Our consciousness loses the ability to control its spirit power. Later, we can restore this ability through life-altering experiences or through development of our spiritual powers.

This power of what is clairsentience is manifested in two different ways: sense extension and sense projection. A psychic child, for example may "hear" his mother while she is visiting with a neighbor or a psychic person might just know about someone hiding where they can't see them, but they just have a paranormal sense that they are there. This is often confused with ESP, but this sixth sense uses the faculties of the other five senses to process the psychic information they receive.

Sense extension consists of the ability to extend ones' senses a short distance from one's body. With this practice, only barriers such as his or her skill at sensing limit the psychic, distance does not affect the ability at all in many cases. The senses of touch, hearing, smell, taste, and sight are used in sense extension.
Sense projection is the ability to project the senses very far away from the psychic�s body. To do this the psychic must be very familiar with a certain location or know that person or object very well. Once the senses of a psychic are projected to a certain location, she can sense things as if she or he were actually at the location. With practice comes a higher degree of success and clarity of sensation and control over the sensations.

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