Sunday, Sept 11th Global Transmission : SHARE YOUR TRANSMISSION EXPERIENCES HERE

Roger DeYcaza                          Debora Johnson
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~ Guidelines & Suggestions ~

This transmission is NOT online or by phone.

... the energy goes straight to you ... and will find you wherever you are.

You can go into meditation during the transmission but it's not necessary.

You can sit or lie down in a quiet space ...

... free of interruptions or distractions.

Allow yourself to relax and surrender your open heart to the Light.

Consider this period as a sacred union between your soul and God.

You can have any intention(s) for the session and just place them in your heart.

Allow the best case scenario to unfold for you regarding your intentions.

Keep your arms and legs uncrossed, hands open.

Let the body relax and the mind dissolve.

Falling asleep during transmission is normal ... you will still receive.

Your intention to receive is important.

Whatever you experience is always perfect for you.

The Light can never hurt you, you're always safe.

The energy continues to flow deeper with each subsequent transmission.

This process has a cumulative positive effect.

More complete results can be felt in the next few days.

Some people are more sensitive than others.

 It is common to begin to feel the flow of energy ...

... from the time you sign up your name for the transmission.

The energy benefits all aspects of your life ...

... through healing, spiritual activation, spiritual transformation and expansion ...

... such as health, prosperity, relationships, life purpose, general well-being, etc.

Willingness to letting go off the past and accumulated negative emotions is key.

Willingness to letting go off old thought patterns ...

... as well as beliefs that no longer serve you and allowing them to updated is key.

Anticipate to start having a feeling of liberation, love, joy and peace ....

... as well as lightness, brightness, clarity and enlightenment ... 
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Sunday, Sept 11th Global Transmission

by HiFi Healers on 09/07/16

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Comments (2)

1. Roger & Debora said on 9/7/16 - 04:42PM
All are WELCOME !
2. Rose Carvajal said on 1/7/18 - 10:03PM
I listened to my first transmission a few weeks ago. I cannot explain what I felt other than to say I felt light. I begun to felt like I was levitating. I also felt a different flow of... fot a better lack of word, I will call it energy. It felt like a flow of 'something'outside myself running through my body. By the end of the session I felt relaxed. I really wanted that feeling to continue. I did not want to leave that zone. I am looking forward to today's session. I hope to one day soon have a one to one session with Roger.

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