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~ Guidelines & Suggestions ~

This transmission is NOT online or by phone.

... the energy goes straight to you ... and will find you wherever you are.

You can go into meditation during the transmission but it's not necessary.

You can sit or lie down in a quiet space ...

... free of interruptions or distractions.

Allow yourself to relax and surrender your open heart to the Light.

Consider this period as a sacred union between your soul and God.

You can have any intention(s) for the session and just place them in your heart.

Allow the best case scenario to unfold for you regarding your intentions.

Keep your arms and legs uncrossed, hands open.

Let the body relax and the mind dissolve.

Falling asleep during transmission is normal ... you will still receive.

Your intention to receive is important.

Whatever you experience is always perfect for you.

The Light can never hurt you, you're always safe.

The energy continues to flow deeper with each subsequent transmission.

This process has a cumulative positive effect.

More complete results can be felt in the next few days.

Some people are more sensitive than others.

 It is common to begin to feel the flow of energy ...

... from the time you sign up your name for the transmission.

The energy benefits all aspects of your life ...

... through healing, spiritual activation, spiritual transformation and expansion ...

... such as health, prosperity, relationships, life purpose, general well-being, etc.

Willingness to letting go off the past and accumulated negative emotions is key.

Willingness to letting go off old thought patterns ...

... as well as beliefs that no longer serve you and allowing them to updated is key.

Anticipate to start having a feeling of liberation, love, joy and peace ....

... as well as lightness, brightness, clarity and enlightenment ... 
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Relationship Between the Etheric Double & Physical Body

by HiFi Healers on 09/03/16

The physical form is the instrument through which our souls expresses itSelf in the lower dimensions. Since our spiritual progression is sometimes limited by the functions of that instrument through physical illness, emotional upsets, and mental distresses—it makes sense for us to understand something of its nature.

First we must refer to the composition of our physical form. The body we wear is composed of various degrees of matter or substance. These substances vary in density or vibration. 

Interpenetrating this form is a shadow form; sometimes referred to as the etheric double. It is an exact duplicate of the physical form; but composed of higher substances; referred to as the etheric body. The etheric body is the body of the life force, of vitality, of energy. Without it the physical form is devoid of life. This etheric form is the mold, pattern or blueprint upon which the dense physical form is built. It is the battery that recharges the physical form with life force energy.

When we work on transmuting lower frequencies which affect the physical body, the alchemical process takes place within the 'etheric body'. This is the closest energetic layer of substances to the actual physical form. All changes within the 'blueprint' eventually manifest in the physical body.

The more Light we assimilate into the etheric form, the faster this form can adjust to match the New Human Divine Blueprint. We first needed a perfect blueprint as a pattern and then we transmute all that does not match this divine blueprint. This process is accelerated by consciously setting our intentions to integrate the higher frequencies of Light into this energetic form and allowing this process to ensue. The more we participate in this process, the quicker the physical body begins to operate from this perfected form or pattern of Light of the restored Divine Human Blueprint.

The etheric body possesses vortex centers for assimilating and digesting spiritual forces just as the physical form possesses organs to assimilate and digest food. These vital centers are what are referred to as chakras. This etheric double is in-drawing tremendous spiritual forces at all times through its various chakras and sending them through the glands of the physical body (as well as via the blood stream).

This etheric double interpenetrates every cell of the physical form. It must at all times be able to properly discharge its duties of operation—that of properly assimilating and distributing the life forces of the universe through its own centers. And it must at all times be properly attuned to the dense physical form in order for perfect health to manifest.

The chakras are the 'sockets' into which the glands are 'plugged' in order for the life forces to flow into the physical form. It is vital that all glands and organs be clear of lower frequency energy forms for this process to operate without disruption. Lower frequencies are denser energy pockets that block the flow of the life force energies.

As we consciously participate in activities that clear the 'etheric body' of lower frequency energies, we accelerate the process of physical healing or regeneration of the physical body.

This is taking place naturally by the outpouring of Light upon the planet; but when we become conscious co-creators with the Light, taking ACTION within the physical realms of matter, we accelerate this process for ourSelves. Again, I repeat, transform ourselves and we transform the world.

What a great opportunity we have to be a living testament of the power of the Light on the Earth in these glorious times of transformation!

We are the Divine Perfection existing in Physical Form....

We are (God) manifest!

by Debora Johnson

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