During many years of assisting others through the healing process, one concept that becomes clear to us as we expand in this field of service, is the importance of insuring all chakras are open, balanced and energized; free from blockages, debris and low vibrating frequencies.  Many of the lower vibrating frequencies consist of energies that cause us emotional turbulence such as fear, anger and anxiety. The residue energies or debris from these experiences become stuck within our chakra systems and emotional bodies.

Higher vibrational frequencies, such as happiness, peace and  joy, have a faster rotational spin; therefore, due to their ‘lightness’, they move in and through the chakra system quite naturally. The slower the oscillation of the energy, the more mass it holds. A rock, for example, has a lower frequency and could perhaps be the equivalent of a denser emotional energy such as the one of grief; therefore, has more mass and appears solid compared to more subtle forms of energy such as air, which could be the equivalent of happiness.

Each chakra is a vortex of energy and functions as a doorway connecting the energy bodies in our auric field and allowing higher frequencies to flow through to the physical body.  If all major and minor chakras are free from blockages and debris, the energy flows harmoniously.
Once we experience an incident in our lives which causes us to respond with fear, anger, anxiety, etc. these emotions become energy patterns held within our auric field. If these lower vibrating emotions are not released from our fields in a natural way, they eventually migrate to distinct chakras within our systems. For instance, an emotional experience dealing with extended family issues that has not been cleared, ends up migrating to the root chakra.

Once these energies reach the root chakra, this chakra becomes partially or completely blocked; due to the slower vibration and mass these energies carry.  The severity of a chakra blockage is directly related to the number and intensity of lower frequency experiences one has had in one’s life.  Each chakra stores issues of a different emotional nature.
When the chakras become completely blocked, universal energies cannot nourish or sustain the physical body. Since universal energies are the life force, a blockage will eventually lead to imbalance and disease within the physical body.

Once our chakras are in a harmonious flow with universal energies, our lives will reflect a balanced state of being; allowing us to enjoy freedom from emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical imbalances and disease.

by  Roger Deycaza & Debora Johnson
Mental Centers

   Crown Center

6F  Forehead Center

6B  Mental Executive

Will Centers

5B   Base of Neck

4B   Between Shoulder

3B   Diaphragmatic

2B   Sacral Center

1     Coccygeal Center

Feeling Centers

5A    Throat Center

4A    Heart Center

3A    Solar Plexus

2A    Pubic Center
Associated With:

Intergration of total personality with life, and spiritual aspects of mankind.

Capacity to visualize and understand mental concepts.

Ability to carry out ideas in a practical way.

Sense of self, within society and one's profession.

Ego will, or will towards the outer world.

Healing, intentionality towards one's health.

Quantity of sexual energy.

Quantity of physical energy, will to live.


Taking in and assimilating.

Heart feelings of love for other human beings, openness to life.

Great pleasure and expansiveness, spiritual wisdom, and consciousness of universality of life. Who you are within the universe.

Quality of love for the opposite sex, giving and receiving physical, mental and spiritual pleasure.









Gland: adrenal cortex

Associated body parts: kidneys, blood, the skeletal system.

The physical problems of the Root Chakra are conditions that affect the feet, knees, and hips, including arthritis, kidney s.tones, osteoporosis, bone problems, and autoimmune deficiency conditions.

Gland: ovaries/testes

Associated body parts: sex organs, bladder, uterus, prostate.

Dysfunction of the Sacral Chakra in women can create endometriosis, as well as sterility, chronic menstrual cramping, fibroids, and problems with ovaries and cervix.  In men it can create prostate problems, infertility, sexual dysfunction, and sciatica.

Gland: pancreas

Associated body parts: stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, small intestine, muscles.

Ailments that arise from imbalance of the Solar Plexus are indigestion, acid stomach, ulcers, hepatitis, gallstones, pancreatitis, and diabetes.

Gland: thymus

Associated body parts: pericardium, heart, lungs, circulation.

Dysfunction of the Heart Chakra can cause arteriosclerosis, angina, myocardial infarction, heart arrhythmia, and stenosis of the heart and lungs.  It also affects the lungs with such conditions as pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, and tuberculosis.

Gland: thyroid

Associated body parts: throat, mouth, teeth, jaw, ears.

Ailments associated with the Throat Chakra are sore throat, laryngitis, deafness, tooth decay, gum problems, T.M.J., and cervical problems of the neck.

Gland: pituitary

Associated body parts: eyes, sinuses, base of skull, temporal lobes.

The problems associated with a dysfunctional Brow Chakra concern intelligence and stupidity, dull affectivity, and overwork.  These problems can create conditions such as migrane, blindness and other eye problems, such as glaucoma and cataracts, brain tumors, and strokes.

Gland: pineal

Associated body parts: upper skull, cerebral cortex, skin

When the Crown Chakra is dysfunctional, there are problems with learning, perception, and spiritual understanding.  The physical problems that can occur are epilepsy, color blindness, alcoholism, nervous disorders, neurosis, and insomnia.

The Chakras And The Physical Body

The vital force of the human energy system directs energy through the layers of subtle energy bodies.  It is the living part of us that moves our limbs, and lets us feel emotions and make free choices.  It animates our minds and preserves us under stress.  The vital force exists in all life forms and is the same whether found in a human being, an animal, or a plant.  It is differentiated by form but is the same force in all living things.  It distinguishes life from nonlife.

This force directs our physical energies, using the chakras as conductors to filter energy through the physical body.  Energy moves through the chakras, stimulating hormone flow in the ductless glands.  These, in turn, affect the biochemistry of the body and the rate at which the body uses energy.  At the physical level this is called metabolism.

When our body stores excess heat or fluid, it affects the way the body processes energy.  Too much heat, which may be unexpressed anger, causes inflamation of the blood.  Too much fluid stagnation in the body causes catarrh and excess mucus and can turn into tumors if not reversed.

Our physical bodies are energetic maps.  The body has no mind of its own but acts as a mirror for the higher mind, showing us where there is imbalance.  We need to read the body as a map of emotional suppression to understand what is going on at a deep level.  It shows where there is constriction, or not enough energy in the system.
The body uses energy released from the chakras.  If the chakra is congested, energy filtration becomes sluggish.  This may be experienced as coldness and lack of vital energy.  We may feel tired, out of sorts, or constipated.  Too much energy in the chakra appears as heat, irritability, and stagnation.